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Anchorage Checker Cab

Physical Address:
3215 Mountain View Drive
Anchorage, AK 99501

Hours of Operation:
9am to 5pm Monday - Friday

Phone: 907-276-1234
Fax: 907-258-7775


Here at the Anchorage Checker Cab Company we can help you get where ever you need to go no matter what time it may be. So for a safe and reliable ride call us, we will be there.

Anchorage Checker Cab Image
Anchorage Checker Cab serves Anchorage in the following areas of business:
  • Car & Truck Rentals: Anchorage may provide Car and Truck Rentals and automobiles rentals, car rentals, vacation rentals, rental cars, rental trucks, autos to rent
  • Taxicabs: Anchorage may provide Taxicabs and taxis, cabs, transportation, airport transportation
  • Transportation: Anchorage may provide Transportation and transportation engineers, automotive transportation safety, mobility improvements, transportation industry, people mover, buses, trains, boats, Alaska marine highway, cars and trucks, ferry, ferries, hazardous materials transportation